Last time, we went through the overview of what FHE is, the different stages towards FHE, and the brief history of it. I think at this point, we should be pretty comfortable with understanding what FHE is and its potential applications.

Although these topics might sound pretty archaic and distant…

For the past year, I having been taking classes at Stanford under Professor Dan Boneh and learning about different topics in the field of Cryptography. It has truly become an amazing journey. There are so many marvelous ideas in this field and a lot of them essentially reshaped the world.

How do we learn from TensorFlow and dream about the future of silicon valley?

Photo by Max Nelson on Unsplash

Last week while I was browsing Medium, I saw an interesting ML article that talked about AutoGraph, a tool for converting normal Python code into Graph code that TensorFlow uses for execution.

From my understanding, TensorFlow…

Steven Yue

Software Engineer & Part-time student. I code and do photography. Instagram: stevenyue.

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